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He said that Jacques was one of the most gifted riders of all time but this was hardly reflected by his record.
Anquetil rode on the Isle of Man in 1959, 1962 and in 1965, when he won the Manx Premier by beating Eddy Merckx into second place.
After 54:36 his helpers called him to a stop after.326 km.
Anquetil and Stablinski attacked Simpson alternately, forcing Simpson to exhaust himself, and Anquetil won at the Parc des Princes.Dick Yates wrote: Raphaël biofilter maken embarked on a policy of trying to convince Jacques of the need to win more races as he certainly had the ability to.At the top of the Puy it's 13 per cent.With barely any breath left, exhausted, but 200 per cent lucid, he asked me: 'How much?' I told him 14 seconds.Mémoire du cyclisme (in French).

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26 Anquetil never hid that he took drugs and in a debate with a government minister on French television said only a fool would imagine it was possible to ride BordeauxParis on just water.
Anquetil won the Dauphiné, despite bad weather which he disliked, at 3pm.
26 She said: When my mother asked that I should become impregnated by my step-father, Anquetil.His friend joined cadeaubon pathe thuis the AC Sottevillais club with the encouragement of his father and began racing.Géminiani said of him: Today, everybody pays him homage.But things soon went wrong.Amélie is later romantically pursued by Nino Quincampoix, who shares a rare surname with the village where Anquetil is buried.Gayfer and Tom Simpson explained that the course would be flat and asked Anquetil how long the distance would take him.The race record was broken, Jacques was mobbed by reporters and photographers but he was tired and really had to get some rest.He responded to an attack by Tom Simpson, followed by his own team-mate Jean Stablinski.The writer René de Latour wrote: I got my stopwatch going again to check the length of each man's turn at the front.But Raphaël Géminiani, his manager, had all but lost his temper with the Italian medical man and had tried to throw him out of the cabin, though Jacques had remonstrated mildly.