windows movie maker save as mp4

You can also edit the title slide's length in the "Adjust" section of the toolbar by clicking the text box to the right of the clock with a green arrow in it and then selecting a new time.
Movie Maker should open after you do this.
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If your movie looks the way you want it to, you're ready to save the movie.
The usage steps in this article also pertain to Windows 7, as Windows Movie Maker comes standard with Windows.When you click Save, you will have a pull-down with options as to the format you'd like to save.Double-click a video in the "Project" window to open its properties in the toolbar, then change any of the following: Volume - Click Video volume, then click and drag the volume slider left or right.Export Windows Movie Maker to WMV.3 Position the music.Question How can I delete a picture from the movie I am making?7 Add a music track.But you can also save it as a WMA file too, but MP4 is more standard format that will play on most Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices.This tool serves the same purpose as the "Start/End Point" feature.Fet all the videos, and put them together, and when you save it might take a few hours for it to complete and it will be larger size (for example a normal two hour movie might be 2GB, but a two hour movie maker movie.It's the large, blank window on the right side of the Windows Movie Maker window.

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End Point - Type Type a time stamp (in seconds) of a point in the video at which you want the song to end into the "End point" text box.
If you dont already have it, download and install.6, wait for Windows Movie Maker to install.Click to Automatically Apply for a 30 Discount Coupon Code for EasiestSoft ( for Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Vista, XP ) comments powered by Disqus.You might want to consider using Story Remix instead.This will upload your selected files to the Windows Movie Maker program.At any point in the creation process, you can save your progress by pressing CtrlS.Keep in mind that the end of the music will lock to the end of the last video or image if the combined length of the files doesn't add up to the music's play time.Support video capture, save your favorite movie pictures on your computer as jpeg.

It's at the top of the page.
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Click and drag the green music bar that's located below the files to the left or right, then release it to reposition.