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Insert the code in the field indicated below, and confirm.
Below you can see an example.Give one a try.You dont need to type in Japanese, nor to hide your real name if you dont want.That way youll be able to share your games among all the account that have boots make up the same console set as primary.Keep in mind that since your PS4 is a western one, in the dashboard you still use X to confirm and circle to cancel.That PSN ID is taken, youre gonna have to retry.If the Japanese language intimidates you (or if kanji are the equivalent of moon runes for you were here to help.Activate the PS4 as your primary console.If you did everything right, youll get the following page, asking you if you want to enter a credit card.Ignore linking to facebook by selecting the option on the left.If everything went well, this is what you should see.Within Japanese games, itll be usually the opposite, circle to confirm and X to cancel.

The second allows the whole Sony group to send you promotions and advertisement, so unless youre interested in receiving a lot of spam in Japanese, uncheck.
If Sony starts getting thousands of users living in the same hotel in Tokyo, they might start getting antsy about.
Click the big blue link.If you see any orange text, something is wrong.This whole process can very easily be completed in half an hour or your time.Welcome to PlayStation 4!Normally, it will display an image asking you to select certain elements.