As with Lyra and Bon Bon, Tavi and DJ get a major nod to their fan relationship in "Slice of Life they live together, and their house is painted and decorated one way on one side and quite differently on the cursus desserts maken other, divided right down.
Also cities are grammatically neuter in gender in German, so if anything it should be "das Wien".
The author worked this into the story in Chapter.
Likewise, there was fan speculation for years that Element Lad from the Legion Of Superheroes was gay, mostly due to his pink costume.
In Red Hood and the Outlaws Arsenal calls Red Hood by his Fan Nickname "Jaybird." Red Hood is not pleased.Minor case but in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), the Turtles and their outfits look very similar to popular aspects of the realistic fan art" in the fandom look, especially Raphael's clothing.Two of Jakayrta's stories in the Poké Wars universe are regarded as canonical by Cornova himself.Nintendo released a statement saying it would not be called the 3DS when it launched, but it got so much publicity as the 3DS that they released it under that name anyway.Fans of the Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel usually call themselves "The Carol Corps a name which has taken off and been used to describe them in a lot of news media coverage surrounding the character.A sufficiently clever explanation would win the fan a "No Prize." When some apparently-not-so-clever fans started writing in asking when they would receive their No Prize, Marvel responded to them by mailing them.

Auch darin findet ihr Musik, die ihr für eure Clips nutzen dürft.
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Traveller has, through its multi-decade run, collected a wide variety of officially published interesting places to visit, distributed over a span of space that takes years to cross even with the fastest ships in the setting.
Odo seems to accept the tribble robot hoofd maken theory, joking about the great tribble hunt.You're such a big Fan that you actually wanted to sign up a 2nd time.The original toy of Rhinox came with what was intended as a spinning melee weapon.Und in der Praxis heißt das somit in aller Regel: Keine Fernseh-Mitschnitte, keine irgendwo gesaugten Filme oder Filmteile usw.Die Rechte daran besitzt.Fallout: New Vegas has a unique.56mm pistol also named That Gun.Fans named the snail Bob and came up with various lore including that he is older than Grendel the Really Old, and that he is actually a hero who protects the world from the drakes.

The playtester assumed this was supposed to happen and laughed at the perceived joke, and Valve made it an intentional reaction.
Examples include: "Mutie a Fan Nickname given to the mutant kitten Rose found, became the actual nickname that Rose later gave it (short for " Vodka Mutini ".) Most of Grandpa Harley's collections, the Peregrine Mendicant's gender, Lord English being an Ultima Shout-Out and Dave.
When concept art of the beta version was released, fans noted that the protagonist's hat said "Curly Brace"which was the character's name at that point in development.