minecraft how to make a cave

If you hear anything, you can start tunneling in the direction that its coming from, which should lead you to a cave.
Monsters: Monsters such as skeletons and zombies will make noises that youll be able to hear through a couple blocks, so if you hear them, digging in their direction will most likely lead you to a cave, but prepare yourself for combat before heading.
Instead of make a wish ball digging straight down, youll need to make your entrance two blocks wide.
The closer you are to the source of the sound, the louder it gets.Are you a doctor or medical professional?You can put down torches, or even decorative blocks like flowers, and then follow the trail back to your base when its time to return.Try digging two blocks down, and climbing two blocks.You can disable the spawner by placing torches on and around.Digging straight down like this will only lead you directly into a cave about 50 of the time.Walk in any direction you like, keeping in mind not to get lost, and keep an eye out for caves.Stand photo video maker with music online on one of the blocks as you dig the other and switch back and forth.

If you plan on putting your cave entrance inside your base, you might want to either seal it off or mark it so that you dont just have an open hole that you could risk falling into.
Head to a mountain or hill, and look around for a stony pit in the earth.
You can always start this process over, digging yourself another staircase from a different starting point.
If you hear the music before finding a cave, it might mean that youre right next to a cave and should start heading in that direction.
If youre building any structures where youll be using a lot of cobblestone, a wider staircase will help you collect more of it to work with.If getting lost is still jongen 5 jaar cadeau something youre worried about, there are a couple options to ensure youll be able to find your way back.Pistons edit This is a simple and effective technique.Caves will also have a lot of good resources that youll need a pickax in order to mine.If you dont hear any cave sounds, then the best tactic is to tunnel straight in any direction from 1012 layers above the bedrock.

Another way to find caves is to follow sounds from under the ground.
1012 blocks above bedrock is where things like diamonds and gold naturally spawn, and theyre most commonly found at the bottom level of the biggest caves, so this is a good place to continue your search.
Maps are a great way of knowing where you are in relation to your base.