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The surveys are being distributed to parents this week during parent teacher conferences.
Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.On Monday, the committee will get more feedback.Provide a written copy of comments.The stage was been set by Wichita North High School last spring when they responded to their School District's appointed task force on discrimination recommending the mascot be changed.Why is it necessary to go to such lengths just to be able to speak and ask for some accountability on the issues?The committee - made up of two North students, two North staff members, two parents of students at North, and two members of the community served by North - is only gathering information on the issue.

The final decision will be made by North High Principal, Ralph Teran, probably in January, he said.
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While our organization is a bit divided on the *depth* of the issue we are addressing, it is my feeling that the offensive mascot is an indicator of the widespread teaching of stereotypes of Indian Culture and the exploitative dominant culture historical perspectives in the.
Project participants, igor Koroluk Creative Director, evgeniya Rodina Illustrator.In the event that not all people get the chance to speak and since most of the feedback has been in favor of keeping the mascot.Contact Us, archive, privacy Policy, top.So there you have a break down of the preliminary actions in what will be an interesting struggle.Fine, but please do not forget that the mascot should be flexible in its application.The North high school principal placed the mascot issue before the school advisory Site Council and turned away any public request to be heard by persons how to make a secure login system php that assembled at the open meeting.Moms used to sew mittens together with a rubber string to avoid losing them; everyone remembers the hot crumpled mittens fresh from the heater and tasty pieces of ice in the wool on the way home.