Still with the problematic packaging, I adore this product.
Kept the tin, though, it's lovely.
But saying that, I've never had an issue.
Mooth skin shine free skin!
I can apply it numerous times and it will never look cakey, chalky or heavy.I am addicted to this product and it has changed my life as superficial as that sounds.This product in isolation breasts with, and use after pressing the means daub, again on block defect and powdery bottom, will make makeup effect very durable, before I'm half is oil T word, now at the end of the day will not give oil, makeup.I think that at this price I should have made my face feel like a abend make up douglas baby's butt- however, not the case!The thing I like most about it is that I can use it wherever my foundation how to make money on the internet as a teenager (I use mineral makeup) looks too powdery, to make the texture look more natural.It gives your skin that soft feeling yet it keeps it from looking oily and greasy so it's perfect when you're running errands on a busy Saturday and don't feel like being overly done.Even if you don't have big giant pores.

It is perfect if your skin is oil or you have an oil T-area.
Love that it's: lightweight, mattifying I always use this as a primer because it makes my skin feel so smooth and silky.
I know the description say you can apply it over your make up, but I wouldn't unless I was planning on re-apply foundation simply because.
He can be worn underneath and over make up, or even can be worn solo.
I do love this, wore it for the 3rd time yesterday on a very hot day and even after many many hours my make up still looked fantastic.A purchase that is always well worth.I personally have dry skin and it just doesn't work out on myself.Second of all, I don't understand how this can be used over make-up?Feelgood - it minimizes small lines, creates a matte finish that lasts for hours, and doesn't cause any breakouts.That having been said, I still use.

When I originally began using it, I applied it to my clean face, then applied my foundation, then powder, and.
Mooth I'm oily skin, before make-up, using this product can control the oily skin and make my skin smooth.
Love that it's: Light Weight, compact, smells amazing I would like to first start off by saying that I hate applying makeup every day because it's annoying and I like to look natural.