34 He later reveals himself to be a monster who took a drug that had Ouken's Element.
He discovers that the group is being merged with another enforcement group into the mad kenkei kik or " maken - ki ".
Inaho berenklauw maken continues to fight Syria, but is beaten up in the process and Takeru rescues her.First Day in Heaven Ten o Chiginda Hi ).Takeru serves as an official for a match between Otohime Yamato and Sho Tachinami."Funi Adds Seikishi, Yamato: R, One Piece: Strong World, Fairy Tail Film, Akira".8 While Venus stays at Tenbi, Akaya challenges Takeru's cadeautjes kinderfeestje viewpoint of wanting to protect all girls when he asks Takeru what he would do if a girl were to do bad things to another person.4 He and Takeru become friends after having excused themselves from class in order to peek at girls during diy shampoo maken their physicals.

14 OVA2 TBA " Takeru Turns into a Woman!?
1 She brandishes incredible power and control over Element, as she can break through amazingly powerful barriers with her bare hands, thanks to nothing more than, in her own words, her "fighting spirit".
Though his Element was consumed and he appeared to die saving her, Rudolf is revealed to be still alive in their bedroom in order to peep on the girls changing.
19 Yan Min regards her as a very strong fighter.However, he is able to maintain his existence by possessing people.8, 11 Her Maken, Dragon Ace, is a pair of gauntlets that allow her to create heat sources and ignite them into fire-based attacks.In so doing, they let slip their affiliation with Kamigari as well as their unique interpretation of.1 She feels strongly for Takeru, and although he does not remember her much, she has decided to wait until he fully does.Monji runs off and is saved from rockfall by Takeru, who is searching for Inaho, who saves him in turn.22 8 "Academy Harem" " Gakuen Hremu " March 6, 2014 The school principal hears the disparaging remarks of some schoolgirls about herself and quits her job in anger.

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Meanwhile, as Haruko tries to rescue Kodama and is cornered by Venus' vice commander Demitra Midia on the third floor, Takeru and Inaho confront Syria.