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9 4 Ignore poor behavior rather than giving attention.
12 Naturally, if you have a child with learning or other disabilities, you may need to adjust this hands-off approach.
That way, they can come back to the assignment refreshed and ready to find a new perspective on the problem.M says that to foster a love of reading, let students see that reading isnt a chore, a competition, or a test.Create a rule that states homework time will be technology-free to keep your kids from texting or tweeting when they should be studying.Your child needs to learn this lesson, too.Talk with their teacher regularly to ensure you know the purpose of your child's assignments and understand the rules in class.You can use your childs dreams and aspirations to motivate them to work hard, but this is a pretty negative way of doing.It's important that you set boundaries, be consistent, and stand by your expectations.Yes, you should set expectations and consequences for your child.Make an exception when your child needs to use a computer for research or to type an assignment.Try to reduce the amount of people coming and going in this area, and keep younger children away from older ones who are trying to study.

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Instead, reply with something like, Im sorry you feel that way, but once you finish your homework you can invite a friend over.
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Community Q A Search Add New Question Question How do I get my child to put more effort into his work?Reading makes kids better at math.Split it up and show your child the fraction.Explain to them that as an adult, you make more money if you have more education.You should avoid leaning on material rewards as incentives, unless your child has accomplished something major or special.

Math can be pretty dry and abstract, so bringing physical objects into the equation can help your child learn better and have more fun.
This is a great graphic to share with parents to help them get on board with your daily reading assignment.