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Cloud over figurative (look suddenly serious or sad) ( figurato: persona ) tutorial make up eyes rabbuiarsi, incupirsi vi At the thought of his wife's illness his face - usually so cheerful and open - clouded over.
According to Jonathan Feinberg, Wordle uses a combination of hierarchical bounding boxes and quadtrees to achieve reasonable speeds.
Dark cloud figurative (bad omen, pessimism) ( figurato ) nube nf The bad news placed a dark cloud over her happiness.
A cloud passed over him a grounded cloud in a low place A little cloud in front of ones sun Around us there was a sea of cloud cloud 99 cloud adoption cloud chicken cloud forest cloud inversion cloud listing Cloud of Unknowing Cloud serving.Cloud cover (overcast sky) copertura nuvolosa nf The cloud cover was so thick that drivers turned their headlights.With Tagxedo, you can: make word clouds in real-time customize font, theme, color, orientation, and shape fine-tune with lots of options save as images for printing and sharing view your word clouds as thumbnails, and pick the one you want for further tweaking or saving.Puoi archiviare la musica nel cloud e ascoltarla dove vuoi.Mushroom cloud (cloud of smoke from a nuclear bomb) fungo atomico nm nacreous cloud, mother-of-pearl cloud (meteorology) ( meteo ) nube madreperlacea nf on cloud nine figurative (blissfully happy) ( figurato: contentissimo ) al settimo cielo avv Children are on cloud nine when they get their favorite.Instructions, look at the word above and type the first thing that comes to mind.Most Prolific Recently, most Submitted Words, most Prolific Ever 2013 Kyle Gabler.Feedbacks are more than welcome!Making word cloud is fun, and is much more fun with Tagxedo!

Glyphs in JavaScript, there isnt a way to retrieve precise glyph shapes via the DOM, except perhaps for SVG fonts.
For each word, starting with the most important: Attempt to place the word at some starting point: usually near the middle, or somewhere on a central horizontal line.
Mi piace fare osservazione delle nuvole mentre sto disteso su un prato nel parco.Tag cloud (internet: visual representation of common words) tag cloud under a cloud of suspicion, under a cloud (suspected of guilt, mistrusted) nell'ombra del sospetto loc avv in un'aura di sospetto loc avv He was under a cloud of suspicion.Instead, we draw each word to a hidden canvas element, and retrieve the pixel data.(1) URL (2) Twitter ID (3) ID (4) News (5) Search (6) RSS (Lookup shape: Classic Apple Dove Heart Star.Another possibility would be to merge a words tree with a single large tree once it is placed.Repeat until no intersections are found.

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