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25 Considering registration architect Tony Stark (Iron Man) as ultimately responsible, Winter Soldier plans to kill Stark in revenge.
79 In other media edit Television edit Bucky Barnes appears in Captain America's portion of The Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Carl Banas.
In the climax, Bucky intercepts Rogers and Wilson when they attempt to disarm Hydra's Helicarriers, but Rogers starts to succeed in reminding Bucky of their friendship; after the Helicarriers crash, Bucky rescues Rogers from the Potomac River.18 Winter Soldier edit In 2005, Marvel launched a new Captain America series (Volume 5) with writer Ed Brubaker, who revealed that Bucky did not die in World War.Heralds Mode of Ultimate Marvel.Captain America (v.5) how to make funny faces with keyboard #11.Our servers are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield.Like an associate, a soldier is required to pay tribute to the captain for the privilege of being able to operate.Lucchese crime family, protecting him from any possible attacks in the future.This version of the Winter Soldier is ultimately killed by Ash Williams, who shoots his head off with his " boomstick even having shot off his bionic arm.Barnes's new Captain America costume is laced with adamantium, and he carries a pistol and a combat knife.53 54 Bucky and Natasha then pursue sleeper agents trained by Bucky during his Winter Soldier days, 55 awakened recently by an unknown ex- KGB agent, who turns out to be Ivan Kragoff, the Red Ghost and former prime minister of Latveria Lucia von Bardas.

Marvel Comics Winter Soldier #1-14 Winter Soldier #1419 Original Sin #2 Original Sin #3.
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1953 published by Marvel's 1950s iteration Atlas Comics.
13 Together, Captain America and Bucky fight Nazis both at home and abroad, as a duo and as part of the superhero team known as the Invaders, fighting Master Man in their first mission.
41 Barnes then teams up with Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, the Falcon, Hank Pym, and the Vision to save Sharon.66 67 During the resistances' preparation for the final battle against Hydra to restore America to normal, Winter Soldier reveals that he knew whom Kobik was aside being a manifested sentient of Cosmic Cube, a misguided child whom Hydra manipulated into replacing the real Steve.6 Roger Stern and John Byrne had also considered bringing Bucky back, before deciding against.The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Mafia.The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier in the film.Citation needed Bucky Barnes appears in Captain America: Super Soldier, voiced by Sebastian Stan.1996 written and drawn by John Byrne and set during World War II, Bucky briefly takes Robin's place as Batman's sidekick, while Robin becomes Captain America's sidekick.Bucky's death had been notable as one of the few comic book deaths that remained unreversed.63 During the "Opening Salvo" part of the Secret Empire storyline, Baron Helmut Zemo uses Kobik to send Winter Soldier back in time to World War.58 Following the revelation that Nick Fury has been secretly protecting Earth from various alien threats for years using more brutal methods than the heroes would have condoned, 59 as well as the revelation that he killed the Watcher in self-defense and used the Watcher's.

Marvel Comics Winter Soldier #1.
Unlike their superiors, they do not have made men beneath them to kick up money to them.
"Avengers Infinity War: Bucky White Wolf Explained".