Since RF is very weak, this may be fraught with complications involving tiny wires and accurate measurements plus costly, lossy, coax cable and connectors.
To the connector's inside end (inside the can solder a copper wire strand.
Any parabolic piece of metal mesh will workbigger means a better signal, but harder to carry around.
The larger the Wok the father you will receive from.
N-female chassis mount connector, pigtail cable, duct tape.VVXZtPWRmya0 Of course its only free if the Wireless Access canvascompany korting Point that you are trying to connect to is not secured, unless of course you know the password.Connect your mobile to a wireless network.Once you are connected, tune your dish by adjusting the position of the dongle while watching the signal meter on your computer.Wifi is the same way.Question Would this help me connect to a WiFi network that's currently out of range?Hi i have tow dishes inter net every dish has a different wirless ; i want one wirless for tow dishes.Hence, pretty much any material that is capable, or can be made capable, of this function can be used as a Wi-Fi antenna.A short stick support or plastic garden hose fitting.A wide-mouthed plastic baby's bottle can make a convenient weatherproof container for outdoor setups, but keep it out of direct sun or your dongle may get damaged.How cai i do that?Search "woktenna" in YT and you'll see what I mean.

Mount the can on the tripod using duct tape, facing the Wi-Fi adapter.
Alternative support methods use string tied across the face of the dish like a spider web, hollowed out plastic garden hose fittings, or even chop sticks!
Search "woktenna" in Goog and see the Images and you'll get the idea.Bi quad with prime focus set.3, get a mesh-covered dish.Its very simple a 10 year old can.The antenna would have to be at the same position as the satellite pickup to possibly get any real value.Microwave signals, Atmospherics, Solar Radiation etc.Hence, for such a project, always use a can about.5 to 4 inches in diameter website to make photo collage and approximately 6 or more inches in length.Now the required drivers will be automatically installed to your Windows.A lightbulb will just illuminate things near to it, but in all directions.