Watch and learn as you are walked through a complete make up session, giving you valuable advice as the transformation progresses.
One thing that you must bear in mind is that you need to be realistic - I am not offering miracles.
Make Up kortingscode boekje van karton Lesson - 150 Where can I buy the make up from to use myself?
Therefore I do offer a complete and comprehensive make up lesson explaining the techniques used at The Boudoir.
When applied in the right way, your make up included in this kit will help to create a convincing, feminine look that should last all night.Also some people wear tight fitting corsets, again a factor that will make you hotter than normal, and of course, many people get quite nervous when they venture out dressed the first few times, consequently becoming a little hot and bothered.You can go for any look that you desire with the make.The questions can be given as homework or run through in a final session.This Brush Kit will arm you with the very best brushes and applicators you need to create an effective male to female makeover.You can find tunes to play, find sessions to play them in, and join in discussions about the music.OK, the link has expired.

The way in which I make you up is designed specifically for turning a masculine face into a feminine face.
I have road tested this make up for the last five years now and in my experience it copes exceptionally well with the rigorous demands of a shopping trip, a hot night out in a club and photographs.
Each lesson takes approximately 2 hours and is interactive in the sense that I make up half of your face step by step, and you complete the other half of your face under my guidance.
This video/CD Rom is the only choice for those who wish to master male to female make up application for themselves.To view or register for a class please click "Get Started Here".These are all factors that will contribute to making your face hot and in turn your make up may melt.With theatrical make up however, you can have the confidence that it will stay where it is put and will not melt or thin out in any way and show uitnodiging facebook ongedaan maken that classic five o'clock shadow that can often spoil the look.Please submit another request here.On a female face, this application would make a woman look like a drag queen (I should know, I've done it!Nails Manicures and false nails are part of the typical appointment - beautifully painted in a colour of your choice.The tutorial is complete with before/after comparisons, computer-generated illustrations and 'Quick Info' pages between each section.Für Fragen stehe ich Ihnen selbstverständlich gerne zur Verfügung.

Tarty, rock chick, look-a-like (just bring me a photo of your favourite celebrity).