Lovely colour picker system!
Animate in Photoshop or gimp, create line drawings on infinite canvas.
Deform and effect nodes, slide physics for line rider like simulation.This isnt promoted much and seems to be aimed at primary schools, and I believe it is installed in many.I am sorry to say that, but the animation wasn't that smooth.At the moment you can donate to them, but the business model may be to sell upgraded versions of the software, but always have a freemium version to start with.Search for Videos or Pictures and look at their stances and movements.Its free, or very cheap.In the UK Animation is now on the curriculum in year 5, so this may be one of the things they do then.It can be easily created by using software.You can also change stick figure size, color, transparency, etc.You can create animated GIFs and MP4s by animating stickfigures right on your tablet or phone.He loves it and its a great outlet for lifes frustrations. .The developer, Ralph Damiano, started off as a keen Pivot user and built Stick Nodes in 2014.

There are many similarities between Pivot and Stykz: they both support frame based animation, both use key frames, use the Enter key to create new frames whilst dragging an object, undo, create and edit figures, static and hidden segments, scale and rotate figures, drag nodes.
It was started in 2008, by Ken Ray in response to his children using Pivot and being frustrated at its shortcomings.
It seems to have been developed from about 2002 by Sven Nilsen, the last update was in 2013 where it has reached.7.026.It comes with some predesigned characters and you can download more characters from Droidz that other people have made and animate them, but its also super easy to make your own figures.It can export animated stick figures to animated GIF and it is available in portable format with downloadable zip file how to make a link in a facebook post size less than.So I can only assume that it is no longer around, although you can still find downloads for.You can also learn how to make stick figure animation by using these software.CONs The software does not support sound, so you have to import your animation to another package to do that.PROs Multiplatform software, better than the earlier versions of Pivot, easy to use, easy to animate.Sound with animated triggering, volume and pan.They can create colored stick figure animation and they also provide tools to create different types of stick figures, such as: dot, line, circle, semi-circle, etc.Please post a link to your stick figure animations on in the comments below!

It seems to have more features and the timeline looks like Flash.