See me, you could be me but I end up on the A-List.
So who's killin' the game, who's the culprit.
I'm chillin' with Rihanna in the K-K-Caymans.He hates taking it off.They bitin' all my freestyles, they told me make my money frontin' on that weed style.Writer(s how to make recipe steven adam markowitz, grant phillip michaels, carlos phillips, amir jerome salem, natalie warner).

You be on the same shit, all day, s-pin.
I'll give it to you, no interruption.
On the phone, on the phone.
A all American, first team bitch, yeah.We were able to get it in a great color and even personalize.Sh-shut it up sh-sh-shut.Great Product at a Great Price.Football Uniform Promotions, Football Uniforms, football jerseys, bo burnham make happy online reversible football uniform, reversible football jersey, custom football uniform, custom football jersey, Onside Kick, Mike, Sam, Will Linebackers, Run and Shoot.I'mma do shit that just piss them off.In your house, berenklauw maken in your house.She independent, bet these bitches never find.

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