22 23 Inference rules differ from Make; for example they can nieuw steigerhout oud maken met azijn include search paths.
Without arguments, Make builds the first target that appears in its makefile, which is traditionally a symbolic "phony" target named all.
For example, the macro "CC" is frequently used in makefiles to refer to the location of a C compiler, and the user may wish to specify a particular compiler to use.
O # This is an explicit suffix rule.
Discontinued Bamboo continuous integration Trialware Bazel build/Skylark, a Python-like DSL Apache License.0 BuildAMation C# for build scripts, XML for high level dependencies New BSD License Buildr Ruby Apache License.0 Boot Clojure Eclipse Public License Capistrano XML MIT License CMake uses CMakeLists.Javier Martinez Canillas (December 26, 2012).The target is considered a pattern for matching file names: the ' can match any substring of zero or more characters, 40 while other characters match only themselves.I hadn't tried either, so I figured this would be a good excuse to learn.Txt Pattern rules edit Suffix rules cannot have any prerequisites of their own.Line continuation is indicated with a backslash character at the end of a line.If any of the prerequisites has a more recent modification time than the target, the command lines are run.On such a system the above makefile could be modified as follows: all: helloworld helloworld: helloworld.In addition to the automatic # variables used here, the variable * that matches whatever stands for # can be useful in special cases.o:.c (CC) (cflags) -c -o @ :.c (CC) (cflags) -o @ clean: rm -f.depend (objs).phony: clean depend See also edit References edit.They ARE younger than current target).15 It is required for building the Linux kernel, 16 17 Apache OpenOffice 9 and LibreOffice, 8 Mozilla Firefox 18 and many others.The prerequisites likewise use ' to show how their names relate to the target name.

O -o hello main.
This is all too little too late.
Sun will lego verlichting zelf maken never be able to build a community.
Archived from the original on Retrieved 18 March 1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown ( link ) "OpenSolaris at Two (Jim Grisanzio.
O # Commands start with TAB not spaces (CC) (ldflags) -o @ helloworld.Lazy evaluation is used, meaning that macros are normally expanded only when their expansions are actually required, such as when used in the command lines of a rule.Each dependency line may be followed by a series of TAB indented command lines which define how to transform the components (usually source files) into the target (usually the "output.Greg Kroah-Hartman (2006 Linux Kernel in a Nutshell, O'Reilly Rocky Bernstein.Configure CMake generates files for various build tools, such as make, ninja, Apple's Xcode, and Microsoft Visual Studio.The above example of a suffix rule would look like the following pattern rule: # From.html.txt.txt :.html lynx -dump @ Other elements edit Single-line comments are started with the hash symbol.Use of tools that were still wet was part of the culture.O # This pseudo target causes all targets that depend on FRC # to be remade even in case a file with the name of the target exists.

The makefile language is similar to declarative programming.
Its input is similar to Make, but not compatible.