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Museums were no help either.
I made my first scale model on a roll of teletype paper tape (anyone remember that stuff?) On this 1-inch tape, my Sun was the size of the tape - 1 inch in diameter.
Mercury was only zelf lipgloss maken speelgoed about 3-1/2 feet from the sun and Earth was almost 9 feet from the Sun.
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I found that even the largest planet, Jupiter, should have a spot size smaller than 1/8 inch.Body, body, diam (km body, diam (in body, diam (mm).The basis of TimelineJS's styles are in these files, which use the, less CSS preprocessor.The sheets should then calculate everything else based on this number).No need for Flash.Using the TimelineJS CSS selectors.Venus ft in m, earth ft in m, mars ft in m, jupiter ft in m Saturn ft in m Uranus ft in m Neptune ft in m Pluto ft in m Other interesting distances and speeds Quantity Real Quantity Scaled Quantity (English) Scaled Quantity.Upload your pictures or grab them from.Orbit radius (km scaled orbit radius (ft in scaled orbit radius (meters sun 1391900, mercury ft.The other planets, especially the small rocky inner planets, would be beste kado virtually invisible dust spots.Create animated avatar or make productvideo maken a gif at Picasion (animated gif How to make a GIF tutorial).

I used up almost the entire roll.
The models they displayed usually had the sizes of the planets to scale, but the distances between them were a completly different scale, giving the impression of a rather close-knit family.
If you'd like to see the satellites of the planets as well, click here for a much more extensive page (and a longer download time too!) One of the most exciting excercises I ever did as a kid was to make a scale model.Flickr or, picasa Web, make avatars or funny animations and post them to Tumblr, MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, eBay, Orkut, Bebo, Digg, Friendster, etc.In these spreadsheets, you set the scale of the model by entering a radius for the Sun.Now we have great tools like spreadsheets to do the numerical computations for.Because there are so many details to the styling, this is not exactly simple, but, if you have some technical capacity, you can override TimelineJS's CSS rules and have complete control over the look of the timeline.You will need to be able to instantiate the Timeline in javascript on your own page.

(There is no way to override the CSS using the iframe embed.) Then, either in style tags in that page, or in an external stylesheet, you can specify CSS rules changing some or all of TimelineJS's default presentation.
Below you can download OpenOffice (or Libre Office Apple Numbers or Excel format files.