For our headline, we will use the Bebas Neue font, 48px.
In the Layers panel, with the shape layer selected, choose Layer Duplicate Layer.
There are plenty of them available for free on the internet, with lots of elements.Apply an Outer Glow effect to it 343434).Use Journal to achieve that handwritten-like effect.To move the picture simply click and drag.Youll find more information about exporting artwork from Photoshop in the other Adobe Learn tutorials.Save the file in Photoshop format first, so you can make any changes to it in the future.Step 2, insert an image Select File and Place.Apply a drop shadow effect to the headline and to the ornamental shapes as well.This will open a New File window where you can select all the properties of your banner.To re-size it hover over one of the corners of it until the cursor appears as a double sided arrow.You could also export specific parts of the banner like just the egg, rather than the whole thing.The Inner Shadow effect now appears on the image here.

Now youll make the egg yolk.
Click this color box and select a yellow color to fill grappige cadeaus sinterklaas the circle with.
Name the layer Yolk and click.
Select an image of your choice and click Place.It also appears under our shape layer in the Layers panel, making it easy to turn on and off, edit, or even remove.The picture you selected will appear on your banner like this.Youll have to duplicate the shape two times, and reduce the size of the first by 1 percent and the second one by 2 percent.This is the file youll deliver to your printer.Once you like what you see, click.In the Layers panel, Click the top shape layer, then Shift-click the last shape layer here.Step 4, we will apply a seamless (transparent) pattern to our shape.