Cragger won, but Eris and Gorzan saved Laval when Cragger was about to finish him.
January 16, 2013 on Cartoon Network.
Episode 4: The Eagle and The Bear The Dark Tribes start bulding their own Speedor vehicles.Fake CHI, Real Trouble, ravens vs Eagles, reunion Gone Wrong.Over Brickwatch populair nieuws nL, fR, eN, top.The truth of audio opname maken the Dark Tribe's creation also reaches the Dark Tribes.The tribes lead a daring attempt to stop them, but are forced to retreat, and de-thaw their warriors.The series continued with weekly episodes.Notes Crominus, Cragger, Crunket, game maker game ideas and Crooler (Royal Family) are the only members of the Crocodile tribe with tails.She also explained that the Dark Tribes were responsible for blocking the Chi falls.Laval and Cragger make a short battle on the Lion Temple.Lego, duplo, technic and ninjago etc.Episode 8: The Snowball Effect In an attempt to freeze the Rhino Tribe, the Mammoth Tribe trap its Legend Beast only to become distracted by the Rhino Legend Beast's new found ability of snowboarding.

The Lion CHI Temple is referred to as "the Lion City" in some episodes.
Episode 2: A Tangled Web While the tribes of Chima try to fend off the black cloud from taking the rest of the CHI, the eight heroes rescue the Gorrila and Rhino legend beasts Episode 3: The Legend Thief The eight heroes are troubled when.
Crooler gets another wicked idea.The Lions with not enough power to defeat the tribes, call upon their allies.Cragger 's face turned blue in the middle of the episode.Laval wonders where his Speedor went, when Eris suggests it could have been stolen, which gives Laval an idea on who it might.While Crooler retrieves more of the Persuation plants to control Cragger 's mind she is thrown out of the castle once again and instead seeks the aid of the wolves but they to throw her out.They find the ruined tank at the bottom and Laval begins to worry.In Season 3, the opening song is replaced with Day of Glory.