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The production ran until February 1974.
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Very aware of the ordeal he faces, he is stung when the others pay little attention to him; "For all you care this wine could be my blood / For all you care this bread could be my body he remarks, alluding to (and anticipating).
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Mary asks Peter why he denied Jesus, and Peter responds that he had to do it in order to save himself.45 Eighty prisoners mounted the production, directed by inmate Freddy Battifora, who also played the role of Jesus.He asks them to remember him when they eat and drink; he predicts that Peter will deny him three times "in just a few hours" and that one of them will betray him.54 It won the International Emmy Award for Best Performing Arts Film in November 2001.

However, after revealing Jesus as nothing more than a pathetic human being, Pilate calls the crowd hypocrites, as he knows they hate Roman rule.
He feels disillusioned with his quest as the Messiah, does not understand what it has achieved, and wishes to give.
26 It was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical but did not win.Receiving no answer, Jesus realises that he cannot defy God's will, and surrenders to God.Replacements in this tour included Jason Raize as Pontius Pilate and Simone as the Maid by the Fire and understudy for Mary.4 Principal roles edit Character Voice type Description Jesus Christ tenor ( A2 G5) Title role, leader of the twelve disciples, called the "Son of God" and the "King of the Jews." Judas Iscariot tenor (D3D5) One of the twelve apostles of Jesus; concerned for.Anderson left the show later in 2003 after being diagnosed with leukaemia and died in 2004.Act II edit At what Jesus knows will be the Last Supper, he pours wine and passes bread for his apostles The Last Supper.Youre far too keen on where and how, but not so hot on why.15 make online gif animation A 1972 production of the play was banned in the Hungarian People's Republic for "distribution of religious propaganda".

1992 Australian cast recordings were also both highly successful.
2 Later, Judas is horrified upon beholding Jesus's harsh treatment by the authorities.