how to start a conversation and make friends

And find some commonalities to talk about.
(Mayo Clinic) College Life and New Friends How to build new friendships.
Its likely that social opportunities will arise without much effort.
I have a puppy at home theyve got so much energy!
7, find something that you have in common.If youre not genuinely interested in the other person, then stop trying to connect.For example, say, I cant believe its raining so much!I usually get bored, but yours was interesting and informative.

Am I myself around this person?
For example, if you see someone trip and fall, ask, Do you need help getting up?
If youre in a public space with lots of people, get involved with an event or gathering of people.
Who else do you know?
Did this article help you?3 Ask for advice.You might find that you focus so much on how you feel and come across that you miss cues about how the other person feels.3 Use humor to make them laugh.Try mingling and finding someone you want to talk to one-on-one.Combining his tried-and-true methods with a whole new section on communicating online and through social networking, Don Gabor shows you how to: Identify your personal conversation style, engage in online conversations using proper etiquette and security.There how do you make silicone are many possible reasons, so dont take it personally!