how to make your pc bluetooth compatible

Inhexster's post says to make sure you have the following on your computer: Microsoft.NET.0, visual C 2010 Runtime.
After you have paired the devices, click on the.
Administrator rights on your.
And now so does Sony's new DualShock how to make a game using unity 4, thanks to an intrepid modder named Inhexster and his DS4Tool.
Inhexster is also updating the tool regularly; since the first release in November, he's reduced latency and added rumble, LED color sliders, and touchpad support (as a mouse cursor).With a controller set up, take a second to dig into DS4 Tool's options.I have personally tested the application for quite a few days and have found no errors.At this point, ScpServer.If you've ever used an Xbox 360 controller on your PC, 1-4 shouldn't be a problem.LED indicator indicates device status.

Having done that, click on the link.
This is a good time to make sure Windows will properly recognize the controller when you try to sync.
The touchpad is disabled by default, but can be enabled in the options menu, or by pressing L2R2clicking the touchpad.But if you know how those controls correspond to the 360 buttons, you're good.Open Devices and Printers from the Windows Control Panel.The tool is attached to the post and comes in a small 700kb zip file.We love automated tasks, dont we?Ifttts huge success and its subsequent launch on iOS and Android goes to show that people love automation done well.Here's how to set it up on your PC in a few minutes, step by step.