Stainless steel is much less reactive however, and is a good alternative if you dont have more suitable tools.
If you buy a good strain of kefir grains you can keep reusing them as long as you want.
So as well as being hugely beneficial to your gut flora, kefir is also a very economical health food to add to your diet.
Find a wooden spoon and plastic strainer if you have them.
You can keep reusing and reusing them, and you will easy to make indian food never run out.For lots more information on the symptoms, causes and treatment of Candida, take a look.The kefir grains are quite acidic, meaning that kitchen implements made from aluminum, iron, brass or copper are likely to release toxic metals into your kefir or on to the grains.If you are not going to make another batch of kefir straight away, place the grains in a bowl with a small amount of milk and store them in the fridge.The beauty of kefir is that it is extremely easy to make at home.Can you use a different type of milk?

Place the kefir grains in the jar first, then pour the milk over them.
Just follow a few simple steps, and every 24-48 hours you can have a fresh batch of kefir ready.
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What steps do you need to follow?You should consider making it a part of your anti-Candida treatment, along with a course of good commercial probiotics.Facebook, pinterest, email, beat your candida in 60 days with this detailed 5-step program.You can store your liquid kefir in the fridge or at room temperature for a few days.Step Two, leave the jar somewhere in your house at room temperature but out of direct sunlight.Step One, make sure your glass jar and its lid are both very clean.Here is a list of the products and ingredients you need to start making your own kefir.