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Carefully remove the PCB (printed circuit board) from the case (the speaker is fixed in the case; leave it www gemert bakel nl producten afspraak maken for now).
Cut and strip some very light duty hookup wire and tin it, trim the tinned end very short.
I find it discouraging that for several years there are poor and bad comments about this product, and yet Sparkfun continues to sell.
You need to know how it works before you tamper with.Open up your Bluetooth headset. Compatible with all USB audio output supported operation system, such as Windows 7/8/10/XP, Vista, Mac OS etc.Identify which terminal touches the tip of the plug when inserted in the socket, connect a piece of hookup wire to the tag feeding the socket and solder this to the red wire that used to feed the Bluetooth microphone insulate all joints with tape.The Parts 1 x Jabra BT125 Bluetooth earpiece Why? .Publication Date: January 2008 More webBikeWorld: Motorcycle Intercom and Radio Reviews Earbuds, Noise-Cancelling Earphone Reviews GPS and GPS Tracker Reviews Note: For informational use only.I took the headphone and microphone piece off the Bluetooth set, mounted the pendant to my helmet with some Velcro, I then used a 3 dollar adapter to marry the headset up with my pendant.Some clip together; the Jabra used security headed screws so I had to butcher the case open using a knife.Depending on your eyes, a magnifier of some sort.Make a hole for the charge socket to fit thru making sure the LED is facing up (if using the translucent case).

Editors Note: Wayne.
Do not use a lot of heat, the pads can be destroyed easily!
Ohand be prepared to butcher things (and maybe destroy the odd bit)!
Cut the red battery lead just a bit away from the board to disconnect it and prevent damage.
Fine resin cored solder, mini side cutters the sharper the better.Tork Sport Motorcycle Headset (about.00).I needed the cell phone for work contact and since it was Bluetooth equipped it seemed a waste not to use.Wave goodbye to your guarantee!Always check before purchasing.From.B.: In case your readers are interested, I recently made my own Bluetooth headset using a few standard products and.5.5 mm stereo adapter: Kyocera Stereo Bluetooth Headset with Pendant (about.00).Product specifications, features and details may change or differ from our descriptions.Next tin the the shiny round dot and one of the other shiny pads, be very careful not to bridge between anything with the solder.The only reason I wanted to be able to use the phone at all was so I could be reached in an emergency.Tools Required, soldering Iron preferably temperature controlled fine tipped.

Having bought the Autocom and laid it out (as suggested in the excellent article by Spyder I was confronted with the only downside of of a wired intercom the wires!
Cant get the Jabra mentioned here? .