Hi, Thank you for your advice, my son loves the "Teffios" so much so that I have to store them in the top cupboard so he can't get to them!
Whilst originally just teff flour (brown or white) was available, the range now also includes organic flour, cereals and the latest addition, home-made teff bread.
And theyre a great starting place if youre hesitant to make yeast bread (gluten free or otherwise).
Dairy-Free: Its easy to make this mestbriketten maken recipe dairy free.Teff Banana Bread Granola, teff Biscotti, banana Teff Porridge.Chai Teff Porridge, cranberry Pistachio Scones.Just replace the butter in the recipe with either butter-flavored Spectrum nonhydrogenated vegetable shortening or Earth Balance buttery sticks.And I now have a full discussion of replacing oats in gluten free baking.

Oat-Free: You can replace the oat flour in this recipe with quinoa flakes or cream of buckwheat.
No need to pre-rinse, teff comes clean, having already passed through a series of screens after harvest.
Teff Tiramisu, gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Donuts, ethiopian Teff Bowl with Berbere Roasted Veggies.I have wondered whether it would work with teff flour, though.Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread, that was the only sort of gluten free bread recipe I had ever heard.It can be used to make porridge, bread, cakes and 'teff polenta.Simply cook 1 cup teff with 3 cups water or stock.That leads me to believe that you could make it with one chia egg instead.Whole Grain Teff: This recipe calls for whole grain teff, not teff flour.

But it also was prescient in its use of equal amounts of cornstarch and tapioca flour.
but its also a batter-style gluten free bread.