how to make ssrs report

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Add an Image control to the report.
You can choose to display the labels also if you want.Ssrs has some color distribution options which govern the way colors are visualized in your map reports.Esri Shapefile as the source of spatial data.Create a new table R_adm1 with spatial data which corresponds to the shapefile GBR_adm1 in the samples.Select the checkbox for name_1 in the spatial dataset field and select Country in the dropdown for analytical dataset field.Prompt, type Select.FAQs regarding Map Reports from SQL Spatial Data 1) All of my map reports are visualized in a single color even when I have not chosen the Basic Map option.Add a new report to the project and name it 2 Report from SQL Spatial.This can be done by right clicking on the map layer and selecting Layer Color Rule option.

Create a new data source which points to the shared data source, DS_SQL.
Understanding Scope for a Nested Data Region.
For eg, I have used a spatial query to get the result below The query is available in m/SpatialLogo if you want to have a further look.
Note: I dont cover make an autograph the reportviewer control that terrashaard zelf maken is placed on a windows form and the code behind in this post.
For more information about adding indicators to a tablix, see.Geometry imagines that the world is a flat rectangle while Geography takes the curvature of the spherical earth into account.Om the Value field drop-down list, select BusinessEntityID.Create a new report 3 Aggregate Spatial Data and add a dataset called DST_Spatial_AggUK with the query below select SalesRegion, AS geom from GBR_adm1 group BY SalesRegion Note that geography:UnionAggregate and geometry:UnionAggregate are two new spatial functions introduced in SQL Server 2012 to aggregate geography.In the first screen, select.