In a large bowl add flour, make promotiecode ciske de rat musical a well, then add sugar and salt Followed by ghee or oil.
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This would be a fun with kids too, have them help out with the kneading.
I used crepe pan to make this chapati- a skillet will work as well.
(Repeat step 8 to 15 until you finish the rest download windows movie maker 2016 chapati dough balls).Arrange them in a flat surface dusted with flour.So, if you can extra time, and you like playing with dough, give them a try.Cook for about 2-3 minutes rotating as need until golden brown.Make sure they are not roll out to thin.They do not have to be perfect circles.

You dont know how many times I used to make these chapati and they always backfired.
Turn dough over and press down lightly shake off excess flour.
Grease you pan with a little oil and then cook over medium high heat for about 30 seconds per side.
(I love kneading my dough on a flat space until I have attained the right elasticity).
Miko is strong in R D, fashionable design, first-rate quality, excellent workmanship, competitive lead time, professional service.In another bowl, mix salt, sugar, 2 tbps of oil and 1 cup of water.Glently flatten out coiled dough and roll it out.Different from Indian Chapati, these are made with white or all-purpose flour and are coiled.We will tell you the tracking number after delivery.Using a rolling pin roll out dough into a circle.This helps to make a perfect circle.It should puff.

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Be careful not to over.
Trust me, during your second or third time, you will notice its a very short process.