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Ho pulito il tavolo con della carta assorbente.
Oggi a scuola abbiamo fatto degli animali di cartapesta.Add another stick between each of these three but so they come out not at right angles but slightly higher angle.Napier Turbochargers currently produces turbochargers for the marine, power and rail industries, employing around 150 people.È difficile nascondere una discussione come quella di ieri sera.

Order paper UK (Parliament: agenda) ( Parlamento ) ordine del cadeau personnalisé homme giorno nm paper airplane (US paper aeroplane (UK paper plane (plane: folded paper) aeroplanino di carta nm The children threw paper airplanes across the room.
Butcher paper (meat-wrapping paper) carta per alimenti nf carbon paper (for copying documents) carta carbone nf Put this sheet of carbon paper between the two sheets of paper to make a copy.
Today, Napier Turbochargers is a subsidiary of the American company.
Its first design, the Naiad and Double Naiad was developed for various Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm projects, but did not enter production.In 1903 the manufacturing business moved from Lambeth to larger premises in Acton and in 1906 it became a limited liability company,.All the windmills shown above however used a very simple base made from a straw, full tin can and two pieces of card.10 Within five years, there were 62 makers of six-cylinder cars in Britain alone, including the Ford Motor Company 's 1906 Model.The company moved.Voting paper (ballot slip) scheda elettorale nf waste basket, waste paper basket, wastepaper basket (indoor receptacle for rubbish) cestino della spazzatura, secchio dell'immondizia, secchio della spazzatura nm This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence.It is simple, easy to fold, and flies fast and far. .Alla cartiera, hanno aggiunto dell'acqua alla polpa di cellulosa e poi l'hanno distesa su uno schermo, per produrre dei fogli di carta.Paper sth with sth vtr prep (decorate with wallpaper) ( con carta da parati ) tappezzare, rivestire vtr We papered the child's room with blue wallpaper.Papers (identity documents) documenti nmpl.

World Encyclopaedia of Aero Engines (2nd.).
An alternative design was made from the S shaped savonius turbine sandwiched and glued between two cds.