Deep conditioning masks and treatments can be used a few times a month.
5 8 Try using a diffuser or hooded dryer to dry your hair.
High-strength or fortifying spray will help hold your curls in place longer.
Once in a while, use Velcro rollers to get cute, spiral curls without heat damage.Once you get a smooth texture, apply the how 2 make money mixture to your hair, then rinse it out.Brushing your curls may also create frizz.11 In the morning, undo your braids and comb your fingers through make up box kind your hair.What can I do?14 Some stylists will not apply perms to hair that has been colored or chemically treated at all.16 You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar; apple cider vinegar will have a stronger smell, but it is full of nutrients.3 Get the right haircut.10 4 Use flat irons gieter maken and curling irons sparingly and with care.You will disperse the heat and make it less intense.

Warnings Avoid using too much product in your hair, especially if it contains sulfates, silicones, and parabens.
Curly haired ladies know that drying their hair is so complicated.
Next, after you get out of the shower, dry your hair with a 100 cotton t-shirt.
They give you the possibility to do your make-up or nails, pray, have breakfast, check your emails, pay your bills all while drying your hair.You apply it to damp hair, then leave your hair under a shower cap for around 20 minutes.Recommended features, absolutely a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.2 Sleep in braids for loose or tight waves.Avoid heat drying or straightening your hair with a flat-iron when its permed.Submit Tips Try different techniques to see which method of curling your hair works best for you, and consult your stylist for more ideas.Look for tutorials.When your hair is damp, take a strand however thick you like, and twist it from top to bottom.Lastly, consider searching for a shampoo that is labeled for curly hair ; they tend to be more moisturizing and nourishing than other types of shampoo.If you towel dry and add some mousse, you'll have a better chance of keeping them.