This works great for apps like Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and several other chatting apps where sending faces are common.
Congratulations, youve just enabled the Japanese keyboard required to access the ascii faces from your iOS keyboard.
Have fun with emoticons, but dont overuse them.
Keyboard keys contain a wide variety of symbols and variations, but you may want to use advanced symbols (e.g., the degree symbol) for an extra layer of detail.2, determine what you want to make a picture.Unlike bunny keyboard art, an owl is defined by straighter lines, so you'll use brackets ( ) and the "pipe" keys here: 0,0 - 3 Design a cat.Check out more animal emoticons here.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Expressions, tongue in Cheek :-J colon minus sign capital J, tongue Tied :- colon minus sign ampersand.Uploaded 10 months ago Uploaded 3 years wijnvoordeel cadeaukaart ago Uploaded 3 years ago Uploaded 3 years ago Uploaded 3 years ago Loading.Click here to see how to make basic emoticons like smiley faces.Please try again later.You can open Character Map by typing character map into the Start window and then clicking Character Map at the top of the window.

Click here to find even more expressions emoticons.
Animals Bird V open parenthesis asterisk capital V asterisk close parenthesis Cat.
On a PC, make a bullet by holding down Alt7; on a Mac, make a bullet by holding down option8.
/ ./ ./ In this case, youd be better off copying and pasting the emoticon so you dont have to painstakingly retype each character and letter.A sad face might not be the right way to express condolences or sympathy.A couple of quick tips before we get started: When youre typing emoticons dont type spaces between characters.O colon minus sign capital O O equal sign capital O Confused Faces Imagine someone squinting their eyes or biting their lip when confused.When youre chatting with someone face-to-face or on the phone, you can read their mood how can i make cappuccino at home in their facial expression or tone.In Love open parentheses asterisk underscore asterisk close parentheses.Even just knowing the outline shape of the subject should be enough to get you started.Some call for a bullet.It may be tempting to attempt to create the outline for your shape and then fill it in, but creating keyboard art is much easier when you go line-by-line.This feature is not available right now.