how to make crunchy potatoes in the oven

I used Yukon Golds(and didnt peel them) as that was what we had in the house.
5 Prep Time deal with it gif maker (Min.) 15 Total Time (Min.) 8 Ingredients 6 Servings i will make you rich Dont know what to have for dinner?
Mine came out just as advertised.
10 Prep Time (Min.) 30 Total Time (Min.) 7 Ingredients 4 Servings The leek looks like a giant green onion.For a side dish that's fun and easy try these hash brown bites!The only change will be to add the garlic and rosemary halfway through.Creamy potatoes mashed up with cheese and crispy bacon bits - can you say "seconds?" 10 Prep Time (Min.) 35 Total Time (Min.) 7 Ingredients 8 Servings Add a little elegance to your morning with this simple frittata recipe.Holiday Favorites, house Specialties, kid Favorites, make Ahead Recipes.Whip out your waffle maker and crisp up some easy-cheesy, golden brown potato delights thatll leave you wondering why you never thought of it before.Savory sausage, fried egg, and melted cheese on top of a unique hash brown bun make for a tasty and tempting morning meal.Saw this recipe in th November issue and gave them a try.It's a nice departure from the heaviness of creamy New England-style clam chowders.Will definitely make again.5 Prep Time (Min.) 35 Total Time (Min.) 6 Ingredients 4 to 5 Servings Everyone loves scalloped potatoes and ham-using Simply Potatoes makes this dish a snap!The smoky flavor of chipotle adds a new dimension to a traditional side dish.

5 Prep Time (Min.) 30 Total Time (Min.) 8 Ingredients 6 Servings The perfect solution to a fridge-full of Thanksgiving leftovers.
20 Prep Time (Min.) 120 Total Time (Min.) 8 Ingredients 12 Servings The rich sweetness of sweet potatoes simmered with herbs and spices makes an elegant soup in less than 30 minutes.
Cayenne pepper adds a little kick and the melted Parmesan cheese makes them irresistible.
This recipe was created especially for Simply Potatoes by Kristy Bernardo at The Wicked Noodle.I also wonder what these would be like with sweet potatoes.understanding that they are less starchy.Dry Mango powder( Amchur) (optional).20 Prep Time (Min.) 25 Total Time (Min.) 12 Ingredients 1 Servings Bursting with flavor, these little morsels make a clever presentation for weekend breakfast or brunch!15 Prep Time (Min.) 75 Total Time (Min.) 10 Ingredients 8 Servings All your favorite morning hits loaded into one buttery, flaky crust for a breakfast classic that's done to irresistible perfection.Servings, cheesy potatoes with a buttery, crushed corn flake topping its a long standing favorite.25 Prep Time (Min.) 50 Total Time (Min.) 7 Ingredients 6 Servings Love the kick of southwest flavors?10 Prep Time (Min.) 30 Total Time (Min.) 7 Ingredients 6 Servings Dark beer, such as Guinness, gives this hearty beef and potato stew a wee bit of rich, Irish flavor.10 Prep Time (Min.) 55 Total Time (Min.) 7 Ingredients 6 Servings Cooking for a crowd?

Making Au Gratin potatoes with Simply Potatoes makes this dish a time-saving favorite.
JohnhughesOklahoma City 11/12/18 Almost perfect!