how to make backslash

With ansi"s enabled, you cannot use double"tion marks to" literal strings because they are interpreted as identifiers.
See Section 12.10, Cast Functions and Operators.
The following sequence of statements illustrates the difference: create table t (id INT, tval time(1 SET sql_mode insert into t (id, tval) values(1,.55 SET insert into t (id, tval) values(2,.55 The resulting table contents look like this, where the first value has been.
To match c:temp, you need to use the regex c:temp.MySQL installation programs may configure the SQL mode during the installation process.The most basic regular expression consists of a single literal character, such.A MySQL extension to standard SQL permits references in the having clause to aliased expressions in the select list.Note As of MySQL.0.13, PAD_char_TO_full_length is deprecated.It is strongly recommended that you never change the SQL mode once you have created tables employing user-defined partitioning.To set the SQL mode at server startup, use the -sql-mode" modes " option on the command line, or sql-mode" modes " in an option file such as f (Unix operating systems) or i (Windows).The equivalent classes are for byte string windows movie maker 2011 free download for windows 7 patterns.Traditional Make MySQL behave like a traditional SQL database system.If the string is Jack is a boy, it matches the a after the.Traditional traditional is equivalent to strict_trans_tables, strict_ALL_tables, NO_zero_IN_date, NO_zero_date, error_FOR_division_BY_zero, and NO_engine_substitution.When you can, simply because theyre shorter and easier to read).

Strict_trans_tables If a value could not be inserted as given into a transactional table, abort the statement.
Modes affect the SQL syntax MySQL supports and the data validation checks it performs.
Strict mode produces an error for attempts to create a key that exceeds the maximum key length.
5 Failure Try b again, but the current position is at the last character, which is a 'd'.2 abcbd, the engine matches bcd going as far as it can, which is to the end of the string.This causes built-in function names to be treated as reserved words.The C compiler turns the escaped backslash in the source code into a single backslash in the string that is passed on to the regex library.Note that 112, with the backslash omitted, is a valid regex.Sql_mode; Important SQL mode and user-defined partitioning.Setting the SQL Mode, the default SQL mode in MySQL.0 includes these modes: only_full_group_BY, strict_trans_tables, NO_zero_IN_date, NO_zero_date, error_FOR_division_BY_zero, and, nO_engine_substitution.When working with InnoDB tables, consider also the innodb_strict_mode system variable.

For example, a/1,3b will match a/b, a/b, and a/b.