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Attach them to the dowels, as shown.
The lids of locking containers should be removed and discarded.Spray extra adhesive in these areas, and be sure the edges are pressed into place.In order to attach the paddle in the future, drill two small holes at the sides of the boat and at the same level insert two little dowels on the rail.Cut a rectangle and drill holes.Two 36 x 24 inch pieces - for the front and back and one 36 x 16 inch piece for the base.Then, place the lid on the front and attach three inch to the back.Precautionary Statement, any storage container can be dangerous if misused.I plan to put an eye-hook in the front and tie a rope around.Materials wood (1 x 5 for the hull and 1/4 x 2 for the paddle and the roof) craft wooden dowels of different diameters wood glue hand saw scroll saw / jig saw / coping saw drill sanding paper rubber bands acrylic paints outdoor varnish (optional).Varnish will protect the wood and the paint against water, so that the boat could make your childrens children happy.In the water it will make the boat move, and outside zelf buttons maken gratis of water, it makes for an interesting little experiment.

Primer, paintbrushes, paint, stencils, directions, the first step is to cut the plywood in four pieces.
Fix three hinges to the lid of the box.
The peg crew also requires varnishing, because they might fall out in the water.
Make certain that any container you choose for this project is easy for your child to remove.
Generously cover it with spray-on adhesive, and attach the fabric firmly to the surface.Craft foam comes in sheets in a variety of thicknesses and in a rainbow of colors.Use stencils or your artistic ability and creativity to make craft foam dinosaurs, trucks, planets, flowers, princess maquette maken karton crowns, or anything else your child is sure to love.When the box has been made, apply a coat of primer.Many store-bought rivas korting vgz toy boxes have proved to be dangerous, but Rubbermaid containers dont completely seal on the sides.Make it look funky and colorful!