As years passed, the male toga began to be worn for entertainment purposes.
How to Make a Toga - Description of a Toga.
Just another boring, calm night in paradise.
WE haoga party ON NEW years thought YOU might post THE pit pit kortingscode pics FOR US ON your WEB site!From Cathy: It shows there is a toga for everyone.Thanks for a great site and all the great party info you provide.Accessories: The tunic usually reached mid-calf and was worn with a belt. .Since so many of you ask about the very basics of party-throwing, I am now including basic party-throwing instructions.

Thanks for your help for how to make a toga!
Thanks for your ideas it helped a lot.
Take the second corner and bring it across your chest, under your arm and around your back.While researching toga styles online, my colleague, Mike Russell, came across your wonderful Website.We had a different twist to our toga. .I list in this post simply what I have done. .I had a toga party that year for my birthday and it was a blast!Love and regards, Asheesh.Pictures from past cruises.

This will prevent the fabric from fraying when you wash. .
(Larry is on the left, I'm on the right). .
Therefore, we decided to send you the final results of our Toga party.