how to make a pair

The design to the right shows how size 2 bugle beads can be used for the entire header (except, of course, the hanger).
I then made 2 sets of holes in the shape of 2 rectangles just below these holes.
14 size 5 gold bugle beads.
You might need to hold them apart or prop them whilst they dry so they don't stick together.Remember how many inches short you made the snails and allow the feathers to overhang by this much.Some make up workshop mac of the feathers need to be glued along one edge only to allow overlap and movement.All it takes is a few inexpensive bugle beads and seed or rocaille beads, strong beading thread, thin beading needle, and scissors.If you wish to translate articles from t into a language other than English, Shira will be happy to post your translation here on t along with a note identifying you as the translator.The fringe is also longer, using about twice as many beads as the design above.Box 110894 Campbell, CA 95011.S.A.Alternatively you could use a paper fastener or even tie a loop of string through the hole but be careful not to tie it too tight or it won't work.Once you've mastered the simple brick stitch earrings (the pattern on this page this book will expand your horizons to several new beaded earring techniques.I measured it so that the shafts of the first tier overlapped the triangle by about 2 inches.Delight the other members of your troupe by making earrings for them that match their troupe costumes.

This is a good design to use if you want to incorporate three colors in your finished earring.
Covering the overlapping triangles uses the same principle but looks as though it should be harder although it isn't really.
This took 2 1/2 hours for me to be happy with.
I did this for about 400 of the feathers I used, hence the huge amount of time the project took.I decided I wanted the wings to look like those of an ibis, so typed 'ibis flying' into Google pictures and looked at the pictures, measuring the proportions of the wings.Lets start with the hinge.Achieve the look of being in costume from head to toe.Dancers will particularly enjoy the Eye Of Horus (utchat) and Bikini Girl (who looks like she could be a belly dancer).