After you've finished, and the glue is dry, you can glue in the walls.
This is the bottom of the two boxes next, either trim down or trace onto a piece of cardboard one of the long sides - this'll be ine of the walls.
Don't envy the doll that has to clean those windows, though!" "One of the questions I get emailed the most often is "what happened to Elaine Shaw?" Well folks, she's back." "Modern Mini Houses - lots of ideas and information for making modern miniatures" How.
I have also stuck two 'L' shaped pieces of cardboard together, and glued it in the corner to act as a desk/vanity.
She likes the path with paw prints" " I only got a one tier with 5 Lps!" "MAN!Make sure your boxes are secure!The instructions are very easy to follow, resize-able for almost any doll size and best of all, most of the materials are either recycled or found easily around the house.good luck with your crafting.Craft foam sheets (mine had sticker backing) and craft foam shapes.A glue stick, tape and a hot glue gun or strong PVA glue.Once that's done, get.I didn't have a hot glue gun, so i just used fabric glue.(you can make 'em a different colour if you like, of course.) once you've cut out the wallpaper, use the glue stick to glue it all in place.

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Then, get your other box, and cut down where the short sides and one of the longs sides meet - making a large flap.
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(unless you want to glue some felt to the floor to look like a carpet; if so, glue the carpet in before the walls.) make sure the walls are nice and secure, you don't want them to come apart!I would SO use this for lps.Furnishing (AND decorating) time!That would be a goid use fir them in a diorama Hazel Coe What others are saying "Rug is squares of craft foam glued on an index card.I'll have to improvise.) to get the sizing for the wallpaper, you can just use the same method as you did for the walls; just trace it onto the paper.Once you've done that, you want to start with the wallpaper.