how to make a kigurumi

I'm sure there are people who can sculpt better than this, but let's just use this for now.
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Step 1: Sculpting the headform (The design of the mask).
P?t34246, so I thought you might be interested in see how a professional kigurumi mask is made too.
Please note: Toothless's wings do not stay open.Well, as this is a "guide" to make your "OWN" kigurumi mask, I will refrain from using professional methods which I use for my products today.The only question is, goedkoopste alles in 1 pakket met kado can you be tamed?Pattern kigurumi already includes a sleeve and you will be able to draw.Remember, to use your observation and not your own impression, it is the most common cause for beginners to fall at this stage.Any further questions, feel free to ask.So take a break for one day, cover the head sculpture with a damp cloth and that will keep the clay soft for another day.You don't need to worry about the facial features as they are pasted on afterwards on the finished product.

A normal wig is just not bulky enough to make the mask to anime-ish.
There truth is, many people are not aware of such a genre of cosplay which originated in Japan over 10 years ago.
It is purely normal as we are not machine.Its hard to screw up on this part, even if you did, the hair will mostly cover them.Just take your time to get it right.So, I made a quick one, I don't know how to explain it better.Can't stress enough, if you screw up here, your entire project afterwards is a waste of time.Wrap the clay around the wig head until it looks something like the pictures below.

This is the only difficult part, so spend extra time.
Don't be surprised if your finished sculpture is rough, uneven and unsymmetric.
Required materials: Styrofoam wig head, about 12 packets of 1kg clay(any clay will do, get cheap).