how to make a hang drum out of a wok

The Hang is a hand played steel instrument that is typically used resting on the musicians lap.
Can anyone play a hapi?
Why is it unique?
A true rectangular shape rather than the usual Tongue shape of a note produces a clearer sound.
Our original inspiration for the hapi Drum came from the.Go to the new, hapi Drum Media Player to watch videos and listen to music created with Hapi Drums (pronounced: Happy Drum).Leaving the fine craftsmanship to others, he'd rather concentrate on designing fun and easy-to-make instruments.We have created some unique design parameters that make the best possible steel tongue percussion drum.Said to cost somewhere in the region of 1800, bellart beiis, like the Hang, have a long waiting list, however, rumour has it that they are starting to appear more frequently now, and they do occasionally appear for sale on sites like GumTree, and eBay.Rather than just one tone we can now create a spectrum of supporting sound for each note.A resonant steel instrument, the Halo, is designed to engage both body and mind, carrying both musician and audience away in a trance like exploration fueled by expressive and beautiful notes and tones, delivering a new voice to the world of modern sound sculptures that.

Our mallets eliminate head slap creating a very clear tone.
The Hang usually has a total of 9 notes.
Wanting an instrument whose notes approximated the layout of a Swiss Hang Drum, he arranged the tank's tongues in a similar configuration.It was during that time that he also found out about the Swiss made Hang, which many call a Hang Drum, which got him all fired up and excited. .Our Patent Pending note layout adds harmonic tones to each note when played.Our Hapi Drums have been shipped to all 50 states across the USA, and also to Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, cadeau james bond Italy, Iraq, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia.Enjoy creating a soothing harmonic journey with your hapi.Dennis Havlena's propane tank Tambiro, the precursor to the Hank Drum.The head is 12 inches across allowing for easy reach to all of the notes.The hapi Drum - Origin is available in 5 different scales, either the Keys of either E.The steel is relatively thin at 1mm.