how to make a fingerboard

Step 4: Once you have the sides built, attach them together by screwing the 3 2x4 into both 1x6s behind the upright 2x4.
Quick Notes on Building your Freestanding Fingerboard Mount -I chose the type and dimensions of wood based on whatever I just had laying around in my garage.
I used Gorilla Glue on this board but wood glue or epoxy resin would also work fine.
Begin by cutting 5 pieces of your desired veneer into strips that are 36mm by 115mm.Step 3: Start by screwing the 8 2x4s to the middle of the 6 1x6.They cost 50,00 euro.31 and can be bought here, wheels, the wheels I would buy are the Oak FF red/Acid green wheels.You can find inexpensive fingerboard molds on Ebay - follow the links below to find your own mold.Step 6: Attach the two 4 2x4 support braces on a 45 degree angle to the ground on both sides.Materials usually used are teflon, urethane, polyurethane and stuff.In this video tutorial I'll you show my process for making wooden fingerboards!One 3 2x4 strip of wood.Use pegs or paper clips on any overhanging wood to compress it together - this way there will be no gaps in your lamination.Sand the bottom of the deck by working through progressively finer grits of sandpaper.

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That said, you can easily adapt the instructions to cater to whatever type of lumber is easily accessible to you.
If you buy all these products it comes out to a total of 152.68.
Berlin wood is one of the best Fingerboard Companys and many people use there Decks.
Use the two small blocks to fill in the space between the braces and the 1x6s.
Two eyebolts and quick links (optional).Prepare to apply your grip tape.Bearings, you will need a bearing suppier with around.5mm-3mm diameter and middle diameter bearings.They cost 44,95 euros.42 and can be bought here, conclusion.Step 1: Measure and mark all your materials to the proper lengths.You will need a lathe.Wheels are not made of rubber.Subscribe to my Channel for more tutorials!