Make sth (perform: a speech) fare vtr ( un discorso ) tenere, dare vtr All of how to make facebook account without email the candidates made speeches.
I'm trying to make a point here!
Google Places Optimization Google places have been created to allow businesses to list their website with Google.
Make a play for sb (try to attract sexually) ( sessualmente ) provarci con qlcn vi make a play for sth (try to win, attract) cercare di catturare l'attenzione di qlcn v cercare di attirare l'attenzione v make a plea (plead, appeal for sth) lanciare.
With that in mind, there are various other gratis doodle maken ways social media can be used as part of an internet marketing campaign.L'uomo d'affari portò il socio fuori a pranzo per chiudere un affare.Make a deal (agree on sth) fare un patto, fare un accordo vtr We made a deal that I'd do the laundry if he did the dishes.Make a sale (salesperson: close a deal) portare a termine una vendita, chiudere una vendita, perfezionare una vendita vtr A good salesperson can make a sale even after the customer says.Make sth (bring into existence) fare vtr Let's make a baby!Make sth informal (manage to attend) farcela a fare qlcs, riuscire a fare qlcs vtr Sorry I couldn't make yesterday's meeting.Vedere Anche: Impostazioni: Un clic sulla parola: la traduce non fa niente, ricerche recenti: WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2019: Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali make sth (construct) ( realizzare ) fare vtr costruire, creare vtr, the children made houses with blocks.Make a bid for sth (offer to buy sth) fare un'offerta per qlcs vtr I made a bid on the stuffed moose in the auction and ended up winning.Make a fuss over sb/sth (US make a fuss of sb/sth (UK) informal (pay a lot of attention to) ricoprire di attenzioni, riempire di attenzioni vtr essere eccitato per qlcs/qlcn vintr The boss brought his dog to work yesterday and everyone made a fuss.Sto cercando di trovare due calzini che facciano il paio ma sembrano tutti scompagnati.Make a bed (arrange bed linen) rifare il letto vtr Every morning, my mom insists that I make my bed before I leave for school.Make a hole in sth (puncture) forare vtr It was a piece of glass that made the hole in your tyre.

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Make a dent figurative, informal (reduce sth noticeably) ( figurato: diminuire ) decimare vtr make a dent figurative, informal (make an impression, impact) ( figurato, informale ) fare colpo vtr make a diagnosis (diagnose a condition) ( medicina ) fare una diagnosi vtr I'm still waiting for the.
Presentò una mozione per rinviare la riunione.
Due più due fa quattro.
) esprimere, fare vtr Leanne is always quick to make judgments.Non so cosa pensare dei suoi comportamenti.An easy way to look at marketing is simply getting exposure for the product or service you are offering.This can get you a lot of recognition and very targeted leads as long as your make sure you are targeting the correct keywords.Make sth of sth (interpret) pensare vtr farci vtr I don't know what to make of his actions.