Its time to start the make your own fashion games DIY Shiplap Barn Door.
We drilled the android game maker software free holes but didnt attach the hardware at this point because I wanted to paint the door first.
Most of the doors we found started out on the low end around 400.00 with others ranging all the way up north of 1000.00 to 1500.00 per door.
Tip: make sure you spin the wheels around, as they dry, to get full coverage!We trimmed the ends of the brace on a wie maken de wetten diagonal and used a rubber mallet to pound it into the door.Custom DIY Barn Door Hardware and we didnt break the bank Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you dont miss our next video: How to build this awesome Barn Door followed by the light sconce!The Sliding Barn Door is Finished!

Hanging is pretty straightforward, with a simple attachment of the plates and wheel to the door, and then hanging the rail above.
Hardware for the Bottom of the Sliding Barn Door: Next, install bottom guide to the floor or molding.
You read it right!
The barn doors we built from old flooring for our barn a few years back.
This made it hard for us both to move around in the galley kitchen. If you want a really rustic look you can leave the holes exposed, we filled ours in, as you can see below.We wanted our door to cover the closet so we could get rid of the existing bi-fold doors.We used 3 1/2 wide x 3/4 thick pine boards for the face frame, and started by cutting two 36 pieces for the top and bottom door strips.You can find it here on Amazon.We chose a simple straight black door handle that attached from the back of the door for a clean look.For those interested do have step by step plans available in our Etsy shop ; DIY barn door plans, happy Building! .Refer to the video for the placement of the holes!

 Richard gave my pantry a fabulous make over a few months ago, but it has been sitting with no door on it since then, so we decided that it was time to tackle a barn door to finish it off.
At just a little over 1000 total square feet in the floor plan, space is at a premium.
We chose to go with a hanging door and bar roller and were able to find a complete door set on-line for under.