how to make 3d art in photoshop

And don't forget to add skrillex make it bun dem album a Drop Shhadow style for the grass layer to make the image as realistic as you can.
Also add a Gaussian Blur ( Filter Blur menu) effect of around 3 pixels.
For this text effect I used the free Halloween font, creepsville ; you have to download and install font in Photoshop or you can use any font type you like.
Call this layer Black Cat and add an Inner Shadow and a Gradient Overlay layer styles.Because this is a PNG file cutout file, you don't have to waste time removing the background.You have to resize the image, rotate and place it in the right spot.Fill of the layer to 0 and the.For example - if your pattern is made up of stick figures, and the top of a head pokes out the bottom of the pattern, that figure's body should be right on the top edge of the pattern, so that they match up when repeated.Set the blend mode to Screen and use a soft round brush to erase the edges of the image, to give it a nice round shape.Add some Halloween symbols around the pumpkin text and you have a cool Photoshop text effect.If you want you can add some bats using this PNG stock image.Use this abstract light texture.Also add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment just for the Fireworks Texture layer.Shadow Effect two times.

You can turn on "View" "Show Guides" to help you center and space out your pattern if you want exact measurements.
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Remember to flatten your image again if you decide to create more layers or images.You can use one of these grass brushes to add highlights to the grass area like shown in the image.In Ancient Celtic religions cats taught to be reincarnated souls of humans, and that they were able to see the future.That way you can erase certain areas in a nondestructive way, meaning that the original image remains intact.Use this black cat stock image and use a Selection Tool to remove the background.Click on the Clip to layer button to make sure this adjustment only applies to the Wooden Cross layer.M psddude, text Effects 13340 Views October 29th, 2014, learn how to make a spooky pumpkin 3D typography in Photoshop for the upcoming Halloween celebration.Start by just drawing, copying, or adding the images you want in your pattern.

Now add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer.
2, fill in the canvas with your unique pattern.
We'll use a 3D text mockup just to make things easier.