It is often difficult to choose from a series of photographsone and horloge kleiner maken only, fully justified the expectations of the photographer and models.
Now the most interesting part of the work, on the last layer we make a mask.
First, we copy both images to the same base, compare their size and overlay the images on each other with the necessary clearance.
You also confirm that you meet the minimum age requirements.In Photoshop or any editor, allows creating collages, creating a new file.There are many reasons to combine pictures, and it helps to have a single photo editing app to handle this task.Read our Privacy Policy.

We need a free transform tool, to keep the proportions we hold the shift key.
For users of Photoshop average level is a simple task.
We add each photo in turn and place them in the desired way relative to each other.
Select the elements we need and copy them to a new layer on a good photo.
An interesting effect can be achieved by eroding the edges with the same tool or by adding a decorative frame.You can connect the two photos in another way.Very interesting looks smooth transition of one image to another.You can also add a colored background.When elements are appropriately applied, it's time to work out the boundaries.