Place the thermometer in the beaker, and allow the mixture to cool to between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius.
Always Run to Red.
Related Sciencing Articles, by Alasdair Smith; Updated April 24, 2017.Boil the mixture for 1 minute.Working with DNA in your lab?Very slowly and steadily, push the sample out and watch as the sample fills the well.Run the gel bol vvv cadeaubon at 80-150 V until the dye line is approximately 75-80 of the way down the gel.After all of the sample is unloaded, push the pipettor to the second stop and carefully raise the pipette straight out of the buffer.The DNA is negatively charged and will run towards the positive electrode.Sterilize the petri dishes, beaker, measuring jug, thermometer and stir rod prior to use.It is available in several raw forms including tablets and liquid, but preparing agar powder for use in petri dishes is straightforward.

To check whether your PCR worked, or if you have an insert, you need to run a DNA gel.
Turn OFF power, disconnect the electrodes from the power source, how to make an electric guitar and then carefully remove the gel from the gel box.
Keep an eye on it the solution has a tendancy to boil over.
Note: When loading the sample in the well, maintain positive pressure on the sample to prevent bubbles or buffer from entering the tip.UV light source, microwave, reagents, tAE ( recipe here agarose.Sciencing Video Vault, place the beaker over a heat source such as a bunsen burner, and stir with the stirring rod as you bring it to a boil.Place the very top of the tip of the pipette into the buffer just above the well.(Optional) If you did not add EtBr to the gel and buffer, place the gel into a container filled with 100 mL of TAE running buffer and 5 L of EtBr, place on a rocker for 20-30 mins, replace EtBr solution with water and destain.For example, if you want to load.0 g in 10 L, make.1 g in.Note: When using UV light, protect your skin by wearing safety goggles or a face shield, gloves and a lab coat.For instructions on how to do this, visit the Gel Purification page.Caution: EtBr is a known mutagen.Laboratory beaker, 1000 ml, agar powder, cooled boiled water or distilled water, 500.

If you do not add EtBr to the gel and running buffer, you will need to soak the gel in EtBr solution and then rinse it in water before you can image the gel.
Well then here's a video for you.