how much does a governor make

The forms reflect income ranges, rather than hoe maak ik nasi goreng exact amounts.
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For example, in Mississippi, the governors salary was 34 times the states per capita personal income while in Connecticut, it was only.8 times.The average governors salary in 2016 is very close to what it was 78 years ago when adjusted for inflation, but is quite different when compared to per capita personal income levels.First published on May 20, CBS Interactive Inc.Chris Christie and his wife earned at least 600,000 in 2014, according to state financial disclosure records.governors' Salaries 2016 by, cSGovts on Scribd).A governor can use his or her standing to commend or criticize a bill in the legislature.Chris Christie: "I'm going to speak my mind".In 1937, the governor of New York kortingscode quest abonnement collected the highest salary, earning 25,000 a year.The average governors salary grew more slowly during and after the Great Recession, with many states instituting a ban on cost-of-living adjustments; however, as the fiscal health of states has improved, the annual increases normally seen in executive branch pay are returning to a more historically customary level in some states.

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He or she can push for various bills and policy initiatives to pass.
The Book of the States since 1937.Christie reported earning between 100,000 and 250,000 in income (the governor's beamer scherm maken salary is 175,000 and his wife Mary Pat reported earning more than 500,000. table.3: The Governors: Compensation, Staff, Travel and Residence.Obama's presidency, when he was still drawing big checks from book royalties.The governor leads the executive branch of each state, whose job it is to carry out the governor's policies.

Bill Haslams salary of 187,500 per year, although Haslam returns his salary to the state.
A governor is the state's highest-ranking elected official, but his or her actual duties are more varied than, say, an elected member of the state legislature, whose main role is to propose and vote on new legislation.
The average salary for a governor in the 48 states was 7,823 in 1937.