For larger batches, consider grabbing a half sheet pan or two and a Silpat to line it with.
I sprinkled some flaky sea salt on top of mine.
Notes Walnuts are not included in the nutritional information.
Weve also found this lovely Kitchenaid mixer, its great for making cakes, cookies, bread dough.
Can evaporated kitchen&more kortingscode milk (2/3 cup).Thats just all there is.She sent me this message: I ran across a list of ingredients for my Grannys Fudge but no instructions.Add the evaporated milk and sugar and stir.(If you have a crazy cat that tears through the Saran Wrap to lick off half of the fudge, put it in a cabinet).

Step 3: Once you get the ingredients to a full rolling boil, put your thermometer in and keep stirring until it reaches 234-degrees.
Spread carefully over semi-sweet layer with an offset spatula.
Using an 8"x 8" pan will give you a thinner candy.
You can even include the written recipe on a recipe card if you dont mind sharing.Cooking fudge to too low a temperature causes it to be too soft or even runny like sauce (which isnt bad.I find that, nestle White chocolate chips has the perfect consistency.Please consider rating and/or commenting.If youd like some blank printable recipe cards, I have 3 different holiday designs for you to choose from.Ruby made this for her sons 14th birthday, like a UFO Spaceship.Thanks to my friend Jocelyn, who makes the best layered fudge (check out her.You can also split the difference and make it in a 9"x5" large loaf pan.Authentic German Black Forest Cake.What size pan should I use for fudge?