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From here you can save it as several different formats for whatever you need, such as 3D printing.
This process will take varying amounts of time depending on computer power and virtual memory (RAM).
5, you will have the effect as a back ground, middle ground and foreground, starting with the background.
If you models top has a lot of detail to it you want to take extra pictures of those complex parts.Look for the line "param_cmvs_max_images" and change the number to something large than the number of pictures you have.Txt then hit open.The program runs on Windows (32/64 bit Mac and Linux.Upload error Awesome picture!Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.Setting up your station.By cutting along the folds.I would really recommend looking at their videos if you have any issues sculpting your model.Your triangle will have two flaps and two insert areas.

Editing your settings to allow for one output file.
You can upload these missing pictures by using "SfM- More Functions- Update Point Color" and once its done use "SfM- More Functions- Update Thumbnails".
Now you can measure it in the program using the "Measuring Tool which looks like a yellow rolled up fabric tape measure near the middle of the tool bar.
I'd recommend deleting the obvious random groups of points and any other feature you do not want in your end result.
Blender is a program that I have only touched the surface with.I am also hoping to use this process to make some holiday bobble-heads.Once extracted you should put it in your documents folder.Repeat this two or three more times to get all of your cameras and to get better matches between pictures.Continue this until you are happy.Right click on "y where a menu will appear, and choose "Delete Current Mesh".The folding is the longest part of the 3D Origami process.

My first attempt, using the cheapest method.
Question Can this be done using sticky notes?
2, get a minimum of 5 identical pictures, more is preferred.