The Earless Monitor Lizard is found only in north-west Borneo.
This is one of the two major clades of the Sauropsida lizard faces with the other being Theropsida beast faces This is a group of amniotes that includes all existing reptiles and birds and their fossil ancestors, including the dinosaurs.
But more recently it has been discovered that a couple other groups of lizards also contain venomous lizards including some in the Family Agamidae, like the Bearded Dragon.The other contains lizards in the Suborder Iguania from the Family Agamidae, like the Bearded Dragon, and from the Family Iguanidae, like the Green Iguana.Travis Yanan (August 13, 2012).Mitch Metcalf (April 8, 2015).

Reptiles make very cool pets!
Tegus and Greaved Lizards Ameiva - Ameiva ameiva Black and White Tegu - Tupinambis teguixin Golden Tegu - Tupinambis nigropunctatus Red Tegu - Tupinambis rufescens Jungle Runner - Cnemidophorus lemniscatus Six-lined Racerunner - Cnemidophorus sexlineatus Monitor Lizards Monitor Lizards.
It starts with the largest number of animals in the top rank, the kingdom, and then moves sequentially down to smaller and smaller subsets.
However, their moveable eyelids betray them as lizards.
The Autarchoglossa Suborder and family groupings are under scrutiny, as well as genus and species, but until a re-ordering has been agreed upon by the experts, we will use previous groupings and names.Subfamily: Tropidurinae Tropidurid lizards or neotropical ground lizards, contains more than 160 species in 7 genera."Top 25 Friday Cable Originals Network Update:.17.2015".Subfamily: Liolaeminae Liolaemids or Iguanian lizards, contains 211 species in 3 genera Subfamily: Oplurinae Malagasy iguanas contain 7 species in 2 genera.75 of them are nocturnal so their pupils are narrow and vertical to block pantyshoppen kortingscode out light.