This workshop will cover the following concepts using hands-on activities: Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables Python Lists For Loops, While Loops in Python Fun with strings Functions.
Youll learn about house design, efficient farming and resource gathering, and even make contraptions using Redstone!
Web page design Students will learn basic page building techniques for creating professional quality web sites perfect for family or school projects.Cyber Security Ethical Hacking This will be an introductory camp on Cyber Security Ethical Hacking for high school students. .Our current scope of business includes a series of disaster prevention equipments such as advanced Earthquake early warning systems (EEW Lithium power storage devices, Earthquake vibration sensing breakers, and residential fire alarm, designed circuit boards to game maker companies, all kinds of computer/mobile devices, even.It comes with multiple code editors we will start off with Block based programming show the path to use the programming languages like JavaScript Python using various interesting projects.All modern html pages are using JavaScript to add functionality, validate input, communicate with web servers, and much more.Advanced GameMaker Pre-requisite: Introductory GameMaker This camp is all about Game development!Org/downloads/26 In case you run into installation problems, no worries we will help you to install it when the camp starts.Participants can build sophisticated games and work on animations quickly using those objects.Animate, Draw Explore using ScratchJr!You must own a PC version of Minecraft.

We will learn how information flows from memory to processor and how electricity can encode the computers instructions.
Coding with Robots, pre-requisite (recommended Animation using Scratch, finch robots are tiny USB-powered robots that were developed specifically to learn programming.
Circuits using MaKey MaKey kit, pre-requisite: None, circuits with MaKey MaKey kit uses a kit that lets you turn anything into a controller.
We recommend you to bring an Android device with your Windows laptop, since Android emulator tool comes with a few limitations.This page contains the descriptions for all the camps we have offered in the past we may not offer all the camps all the time (almost all of them are available any time for private camps).We start with introduction to Arduino IDE and explaining the building blocks on how a drone is constructed and laws that make them fly.Why are they important?We will set up the environment to work with Minecraft MODs kortingscode berivita and run through a few simple projects making code changes and seeing their effects!