easy rum cocktails to make at home

The boozy, simple kind.
The Old Manhattan is one of the kefir yoghurt zelf maken most venerable of cocktails. .
Insanely easy to make, this should be a year-round staple.
Learn how to mix it right here.
You can just throw them cjp korting bioscoop together and voila!, Mojito is ready to be served.Source: The Bar.Cocktails are an essential to every good party.Matthew Kelly/Supercall, missionarys Downfall, lovers of the minty Mojito who are looking for an extra punch of flavor will want to try this blended classic, invented by tiki godfather.Spiked Vietnamese Iced Coffee, credit: Dan.Great nights with friends mean easy mixing rather than being stuck in the kitchen and creating delicious cocktails without having to confront a swizzle stick or set light to your sideboard.Crushed ice, strawberries, rum, lemon juice and triple sec are all you need for this fruity, frosty summer sipper.It works well in lowbrow drinks like a rum Coke, which can be enjoyed at the seediest of dives, and is also equally at home in an elaborate parrot-shaped mug or as a neat, top-shelf pour.This modern recipe, comprised of white rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit and lime juice, may be pared down by Hemingways standards, but its enough to satisfy any mortal drinker.

Get the recipe right here.
4 ounces ginger beer 2 ounces dark rum.
Topped with Champagne, its a frothy sweet and sour libation.
Rum Old Fashioned Move over whiskey, because rum is about to school you at your own game.It's perfect for celebrating the warm weather of spring and summer, and for pretending it's warm during the chill of fall and winter.You can look like a pro with the right props and preparation, and enjoy the whole cocktail-making experience while youre doing.Just ask for a rum Coke with lime, and if they roll their eyes and say, "So a Cuba Libre then chances are they are a pretentious ass.Source: PewsBar Now you are armed with the best and easiest cocktails to make.View Full Recipe, matthew Kelly/Supercall, rum Coke Float, for many, a basic.Learn how to mix it right.But dont stop there: add a heavy-handed splash of ginger beer for a drink with invigorating zest.Your easy cocktail recipes start here.The club soda and lime will make one serving of rum last longer, and your probable hangover shorter.